We call and select Italian and international artists and together with them we will produce new, unique or limited edition works.
A fantastic journey in search of a new cross-media language between the arts, the result of a multiple creative investigation.

Soggettiva Gallery collaborates with la Stamperia and the Milan Printmakers Cultural Association, which proposes a new approach to art printing and the best quality in all its expressions (www.printmakers.net)

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Pencils, digital works, cameras, graphics, brushes, collage, sculpture: thus the art that feeds on cinema becomes a new incredible story.

Veronica Chessa grew up with an artist father, a painter, who immersed her in this “magical” world that she loved above all by osmosis. She likes to play with art, especially with works from the past. She does it through a surrealist approach, which allows her to wander with the imagination. “After all, everything is possible in a dream”. You graduated from the Art School of Grosseto, continued her studies graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (painting section) with a thesis in Aesthetics entitled “Silver nitrate: the public and the cinema”. In 2004 she moved to Fano, where she currently lives and works. .


Born in 2000, he grew up in Cormano, in the province of Milan. He has been passionate about drawing since he was a child, copying scenes and characters from the cartoons he watches.

In 2019 he obtained a diploma in human sciences and – in October 2022 – one as an illustrator  at the School of Comics in Milan, where his grotesque and cartoon style takes shape slowly forms.

It is precisely for the School of Comics that, in 2023, he participates in the production of “SAND”, a stop motion short film presented at various festivals.

He creates works in both digital and manual techniques, especially watercolor ink and Biro pen on watercolor paper.

The great protagonists of his posters are the symbols and images that most strike him in the films he represents: an object, an animal, the silhouette of a building are enough as a key to enter the complex world inside a film.


Tiziano Pantano studied comics at the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, in addition to being a cartoonist he is also a bass and double bass musician, he collaborated with the independent labels. Later he collaborated with many writers of the Milanese scene and participated in numerous group exhibitions and in this area. Due to retinitis pigmentosa he gradually lost his sight: for this reason in 2018, to continue drawing blind, he started making glued drawings. Using many cards of different shapes and colors, he creates images, choosing the components by touch and glimpsing their appearance, without knowing the final result but only imagining it.


With a heterogeneous education, from the study of Art History to the practical training of Fine Arts, Simone was attracted by graphics, both artistic and commercial. After earning a Masters in Visual Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, he began working in various fields of graphic design. Graduated in Visual Arts and Painting he attended the two-year specialist course in Art Graphics at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. He is a teacher of Graphic Techniques and History of Graphic Design.


Adam Juresko is an artist and designer from Virginia. His work took shape from the reworking of graphics for fanzines and covers of punk-hardcore records. After he began designing flyers for bands and record covers all over the US. Now he collaborates with large companies, for ADV campaigns and for the creation of corporate brands, from California to Philadelphia. He continues his research activity with a predilection for cinema. He had several exhibitions Gallery1988 – Venice Beach, Spokeart Gallery – S.Francisco, CA Gauntlet Gallery – S.Francisco, CA Bottleneck Gallery – Brooklyn, Gallery 5 – Richmond, VA. And several important Clients: PEPSI.Co, Todd Strauss-Schlusson, Robotic Empire, Life.

Dune: Part 2

by Denis Villeneuve



by Nicolas Winding Refn


Born in Bologna in 1982, he began to engrave at the age of 6. At 19, while studying architecture and fashion design, he begins to develop his own personal style, futuristic metropolitan scenes, in which he imagines buildings with European architectural references from past centuries, crossed by fast spaceships, whose inhabitants are clowns , ladies, and fictional characters. He tries to create utopian cities following steam punk science fiction theories. His works are in various cities of the world: Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, London, Zurich, Montecarlo, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami , Toronto, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Tehran, Dubai, Oslo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka. He has participated in more than 200 exhibitions worldwide.


COLLETTIVA is a “working group” born from the collaboration between Soggettiva Gallery and Milano PrintMakers. Creatives, illustrators, graphic designers, printers, artisans (who revolve around these two Milanese realities) have decided to intervene “collectively” (giving up the classic artistic “personalism”) to participate in a project whose objective is to convey suggestions and ideas in the realization of a work conceived, discussed and physically produced by several hands, several heads, several hearts, several techniques.

This first work on The Elephant Man has as its starting point on the one hand the concept of invisibility and concealment and on the other that of wonder and amazement in the face of unveiling, the sheet that is torn, the curtain opens, to the falling drape. Theatricality and mystery mix… compassion and the monstrous merge… overlapping and transparency confuse us… like in Lynch’s film.


Fumettineri is a content creator, illustrator and comic artist. He reworks the advertisements of mass market and fashion products, album covers, posters and scenes from cult films, portraits of cinema and pop music artists with a sharp and disenchanted air. The ghost mask that characterizes his subjects is the derivation of the classic sheet of the ghost and refers to the tradition of masks: from the disturbing ones of the Ku Klux Klan to the scream of Edvard Munch, passing through Fantomas.


Daniel Drabek is a Swiss-Italian artist who comes from a graphic design and commercial illustration background.

As humans for generations have learned to reproduce the motifs of their tribes, Daniel Drabek has learned to create images through the languages and techniques of his time. He uses distortion as a form of expression, distorting, emphasizing and making fun of stereotypes, aesthetics and symbols that basically build our perception of reality; creating an end product that embodies the grotesque, the absurd and the perversion of our modern culture. Daniel Drabek’s practice is primarily based on drawing and extends to different media and applications.


Illustrator living in Hamburg, Germany. She uses colors extensively through the different tools and styles she uses to create playful images. She studied at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and works both as a pure illustrator and as a graphic designer.

Among her clients and her publications:

Hamburger Ratschlag, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, MS Artville, Museum für Geschichte Hamburg, Komische Oper Berlin



  He attended the cartoon school in Palermo. He began his artistic career in 2013 by creating comic book pages, character designs, covers and artworks for board games. He collaborates with national and foreign publishers such as: Shockdom; yellow-billed; Image comics; dreamworks; Outland entertainment; Pinnacle Ent. group.



Eclectic digital artist in constant search of images, whose genetic heritage she recombines, giving them a new life.

Cristina Stifanic is known, in the world of pop art, for her series of works “Diabolik Pop Ikon” is a pirate to the characters of the back covers of the famous comic DIABOLIK.

The digital artist, by populating his works with comic book characters, “captures” new aesthetics by creating a visual language that has the ability to inhabit different universes.

Selected among the talented artists of the Italian New Pop, she has exhibited in museums, contemporary art galleries, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, cultural foundations and embassies from Europe to India. Two long decades have passed since Cristina studied artificial intelligence and neural networks at the Computer Science faculty of Milan and finally, with the arrival of NFTs and the Metaverse, she found the perfect vehicle for her digital art.

He attended the cartoon school in Palermo. He began his artistic career in 2013 by creating comic book pages, character designs, covers and artworks for board games. He collaborates with national and foreign publishers such as: Shockdom; yellow-billed; Image comics; dreamworks; Outland entertainment; Pinnacle Ent. group.


Silvia Cocomazzi is an illustrator from Milan: after completing a course of study at the School of Comics in Milan, she began her career with a collaboration with Mondadori and other editors.  She is a lover of the world of childhood, but also of cinema and Asian culture in all its forms, she oscillates between very different styles and artistic influences but both of her passions were born from her.


Stefania was born in Modena in 1983, where she lives and works. She has been painting since she can remember. As a child she loved drawing busy skeletons in domestic situations or the witch house with its locations.

She graduated in Venice at the Faculty of Design and Arts in Visual and Performing Arts and later in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Since then she has worked with charcoal and clay on canvas, experimenting with different depths of black.

She also works as Production Designer, collaborating in the creation of sets for opera and prose theatre, as well as some site-specific art projects by internationally renowned artists. She has published in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad


Prima di passare al cinema, Chris ha lavorato come illustratore, esponendo spesso nelle rinomate gallerie d’arte della cultura pop di Los Angeles “Hero Complex Gallery” e “Gallery 1988”, producendo opere d’arte ufficiali per 20th Century Fox, Joss Whedon, Joe Dante e Roger Corman. Successivamente ha lavorato come assistente del dipartimento artistico per clienti come Virgin Media, Now TV, Little Mix e Jamie T. Il suo primo cortometraggio “Nest” è stato semifinalista al “Berlin Student Film Festival”, dove è stato nominato per il Premio della Giuria. 

Before moving on to film, Chris worked as an illustrator, often exhibiting in the renowned Los Angeles pop culture art galleries “Hero Complex Gallery” and “Gallery 1988”, producing official artwork for 20th Century Fox, Joss Whedon, Joe Dante and Roger Corman. He later worked as an assistant in the art department for clients such as Virgin Media, Now TV, Little Mix and Jamie T. His first short film “Nest” was a semifinalist at the “Berlin Student Film Festival”, where he was nominated for the Jury Prize.


Da ragazzo ero appassionato di fumetti. Ho iniziato andando ai corsi di illustrazione di fumetti alla Heron Art School di Indianapolis. È stato solo al college alla School Of The Art Institute di Chicago che ho scoperto il mio amore per la serigrafia. Ho disegnato di tutto, dalle fan art, alle stampe dei film con licenza ufficiale, ai poster dei concerti. 

Il mio lavoro è stato esposto in varie mostre collettive dedicate a vari argomenti cinematografici. Ho lavorato con GalerieF a Chicago, Hero Complex Gallery, Gallery1988 e Creature Features a Los Angeles.


Max Dalton, illustratore, pittore e musicista e scrittore occasionale. Crea spesso illustrazioni per poster, libri, riviste, giornali, pubblicità e prodotti.Ha partecipato a molte mostre collettive e personali a New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, Parigi, Seoul e altro ancora. Il suo lavoro è apparso in molte riviste come The New Yorker, Monocle e O, The Oprah Magazine.

Max Dalton is an illustrator, painter, musician and writer. He often designs for posters, books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements and products. He has participated in many group and solo shows in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Seoul and elsewhere. His work has appeared in magazines such as The New Yorker, Monocle and O, The Oprah Magazine.


Olivier Courbet è un creativo multidisciplinare francese con sede a Los Angeles, California. Lavora con marchi, agenzie, studi cinematografici e startup di tutto il mondo tra cui Dreamworks, Paramount, Disney, Mattel, Will.I.AM e NBA.Ha vinto numerosi premi e il suo lavoro è stato descritto in vari libri e pubblicazioni di design tra cui Computer Arts, Logology, SXSW.



Nan Lawson è un’artista e illustratrice con sede a Los Angeles. Si è laureata in regia cinematografica alla Syracuse University, ma dopo la laurea ha perseguito la sua passione per l’illustrazione. Ora ha unito il suo amore per il cinema e l’arte per dedicarsi alla cultura pop e alla locandina. Lavora nell’editoria e nell’industria dell’intrattenimento; crea libri illustrati e copertine di libri, oltre a opere d’arte e manifesti per film e televisione.

Ha lavorato con clienti tra cui Harper Collins, Audible, Random House, Hachette, Amblin Entertainment e Warner Bros.